The United Kingdom Gambling Commission has announced brand tough measures on betting for betting firms. These new rules have been necessitated by concerns over misleading advertisements that pertain to bonuses and promotions.

These new rules and regulations assure gamblers of better protection. They also empower the Gambling Commission to levy unlimited fines and fees for any breach of these rules or the associated consumer laws. Some of these possible breaches include but are not limited to misleading advertisements, those that tend to target small children, or those that make gambling appear great and normal.

Other than these, the gambling firms that send out spam marketing contents such as text messages and e-mails will also be in for trouble under the new rules. They will also be required to follow all the laid down United Kingdom advertising codes whilst putting in place a more robust conflict resolution mechanism for the gamblers.

The rules shall come into force on October 31st, 2018. The commission shall, after coming into effect of the rules, impose an eight-week window for the casino operators to resolve any complaints with their clients and customers.

These rules are expected to facilitate the process of resolving any breaches of the consumer laws. These include such aspects as unrealistic restrictions on the withdrawal process, misleading promotions, and impractical bonuses.

To help the consumers make the right purchasing decisions, websites like have sprouted. It reviews the various online casino operators on a regular basis and provides independent assessments of their competence from time to time.

While commenting on these developments, Neil McArthur, the Gambling Commission’s Chief Executive, had these to say:“The Gambling Commission is intent on cracking down on the firms that tend to treat consumers unfairly. This is because consumer protection is a topmost priority for us. It subsequently has to be a priority for the gambling operators as well. The changes we have instituted will surely protect consumers from unscrupulous and misleading advertisements and promotions. They will also see to it that the consumers can withdraw their earnings faster and easier. This is not to mention that the rules shall facilitate the resolution of consumer complaints.”

The founder of Justice for Punters, Brian Chappell, on the other hand, had these to say: “It is great to note that the Gambling Commission has finally acknowledged that gambling operators have to be subjected to stricter regulatory regimes. Only time will tell whether these new powers shall be used accordingly and if the gamblers shall be able to derive their rights promptly after a mistreatment. Even though the announcements incomprehensive, it is nonetheless highly welcome.”

Way back in 2016, while in partnership with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), the United Kingdom Gambling Commission established formal investigations to find out whether the online gambling companies were indeed mistreating their customers.

The findings of the investigations led the authority to launch enforcement actions against several gambling operators the following year. This was after the companies were accused of breaking the consumer laws with regards to the promotions.

From the foregoing, it is clear that the United Kingdom Gambling Commission greatly benefits casino operating sites. It does so mainly by instilling confidence in the potential gamblers and encourage them to gamble more. This certainly leads to an increase in the profit margins of the said firms.


The popular Ladbrokes company is yet to face a 24- hour license suspension. On 3rd September 2018 Belgians, gaming commission issued a sanction to Ladbrokes over their blunt mistake of offering virtual chances games.

Virtual chances games are those lark games where customers put into hefty amounts of their finances to predict outcomes of some non-existent imaginary events. This kind of chance game was only entertained by law between 2012 to June of 2017. Afterward, it was banned and declared illegal by the countries law. In giving a blind eye to the ban, Ladbrokes further progressed to avail this kind of illegal services to their esteemed customers until the 14th of March, 2018.

The reports of the 24-hour license suspension were made on Wednesday by De Morgen dailies, Het Laatste Nieuws and La Derniere Heure. In effect to this sanction, the esteemed customers of Ladbrokes are compelled from making any online bet on that very day. In addition, its 300 agencies together with their vaguely projected 100 bookstores that are related to it and its digital operation will also face a 24-hour suspension on that same day.

As if this is not enough, its daughter companies, that is Derby SA and Tierce Ladbroke SA will also be immensely affected by this prevailing sanction.

In regard to the above, the gaming commision saw it wise to come up with a stringent sanction that will necessitate a 24-hour suspension of Ladbrokes online casino activities. This sanction is meant to punish Ladbrokes after realizing that they acted ignorantly to the law as they continued to carry out their virtual chance gaming activities despite them knowing that there was an existing ban compelling the activity from taking place in the country. Ignorance is paid with ignorance.

The I gambling business site, in addition, adds that the company had enjoyed a monopoly on virtual chance gaming activities in Belgium until the last day of June 2017. Throughout their time of monopoly, no other online casino site was granted the authority to offer the same virtual chance gaming services. The likes of Rocolus had possessed a number of challenges concerning this.

In addition, the company was found guilty by the commision over not having contested for facts of materiality on the same. request for publication clarification was not responded to by Ladbrokes betting company.

The gambling insider site has a lot to share concerning the 24-hour license suspension of Ladbrokes. It adds that the 24- hour sanction not only applies to Ladbrokes online casino company but also any other high profile street shop that is located in Belgium. Shifting our focus from this thud slap to Ladbrokes company, there is some recent better news for their branches located in Australia. Ladbrokes as a general has another reason to smile as their Australian branches are set to launch a brand new betting accumulator product. This will be as a result of them working hand in hand with suppliers Sportscast.


The international gaming producer, Wazdan, has established a base in the United Kingdom. It has brought along two online casinos, namely the SlotsMillion and LadyLucks. It has subsequently availed these two games to the UK audience via the desktop and the mobile platforms.

SlotsMillion is a global leader in 3D virtual reality online games. It has a collection of around 2,000 games and is thus very comprehensive in scope. From the time the game went online until now, the online casino has gained recognition as a ‘Best Casino’ and ‘Innovation Operator.’

This recognition has originated mainly from reputable gambling affiliates worldwide. Most of the new games that Wazdan offers derive their power from an innovative suite of value-added tools. Perhaps the most outstanding of these tools are the revolutionary volatility levels. Other than this the double screen and energy-saving modes, as well as the unique gambling features, are some of the other topnotch features to watch.

They are designed and intended to provide operators with the capability of enhancing the experiences of customers. These brand new features also enhance the engagement of the users, bolster their retention, encourage the extensions of plays, as well as generating higher yields.

Other than the Ladyluck and the SlotsMillion, the company also provides several new and exciting alternative games. These include but not limited to Fruit Mania Deluxe, Highway to Hell Deluxe, Corrida Romance Deluxe, Spectrum Fruits Go Bananas, and Magic Stars 3.

Going forward, Wazdan also intends to provide the thrilling Mayan Ritual game. The game basically entails a walk through the glorious past of the Mayan civilization. Through the game, players are able to relive Maya’s past as if it were happening at the moment.
While commissioning the launch, the co-founder of SlotsMillion, one Mr. Alexandre Tomic, had these to say:
“By acquiring Ladylucks, we have managed to grow the number of game suppliers by a whopping four-fold. We have subsequently made it possible for gaming enthusiasts to play and enjoy these games via mobile and desktops. This is not to mention the free spins which we entitle our first-time players too. We are indeed glad to provide both the Ladylucks and the SlotsMillion.”

With these latest developments in mind, Wazdan has grown to be a leading gaming library. It is now home to well over 100 HTML 5.0 slots. The company has also signed several hot deals with the leading online casinos in the gaming industry such as the VideoSlots. This is set to avail the latest gaming options to most casino operators throughout the United Kingdom.

Also commenting on these great moves, Andrzej Hyla, the Head of Sales at Wazdan, had these to say:
“The field of online gambling is constantly changing and reinventing itself. More and more operators are moving to the online platform as the basis on which to target gaming enthusiasts. Those marketing trends seem to play to our advantage. We are also seeking to work in the UK market with other forward-thinking partners. These also happen to be the most innovative and resourceful in the gaming industry.”


Birkenhead Mecca Bingo team is celebrating the raising of a record £2 million for Carers Trust challenge. They have been undertaking activities nationwide to fund raise as much money as they would.

MeccaRank Group which owns Mecca Bingo and Grosvenor Casinos signed a partnership agreement with Carers Trust in February 2014. The deal is to help raise funds to support Carers Trust activities. The trust works with carers from across the UK with the aim of improving their lives, facilitating their working, and cushioning them from likely negative effects that as depression.

Mecca Bingo’s efforts are geared towards raising money that will help address the barriers carers face. Since the signing of the partnership, staff a Rank Group have traveled to different parts of the country where they have been involved in fund-raising activities. The agreement gave employees the liberty to implement any activity that they deemed would improve their fundraising efforts.

According to John O’Reilly, the chief executive officer at Rank Group, Carers Trust is highly esteemed by a majority of his firm’s employees, and that explains their dedication to the fundraising initiative. He argued that Rank Group would not have achieved the milestone without the effort of the staff and the community members from across the country. He thanked them for the effort they had made and expressed satisfaction with the charity initiative.

The money collected through the fundraising activities is placed under the Rank Cares Grant Funds before being distributed to Carers Trust initiatives. It is directed into providing financial support to carers who are sixteen years and above.

As the company celebrated the milestone, it was proud that the money that has already been raised have been used for a worthy course. Since the signing of the partnership in 2014, money raised by Rank Group has helped more than 9000 carers in the country. Through the help, beneficiaries have accessed breaks, essential equipment, and learning opportunities.

In support of the efforts that employees were making in the fundraising initiative, the management of Mecca Bingo joined a final challenge that was aimed at raising more resources. The challenge was termed as ‘the bushtucker trial’ and entailed eating unusual foods such as critter cocktails and mealworms. The uniqueness of the challenge attracted a large number of people and took the fundraising efforts a notch higher.

Through it, the £2 million milestones became a success. While commenting on the achievement, Terry O’Donnell, the General Manager at Mecca Birkenhead thanked the staff and customers for the support they offered. He expressed satisfaction that the firm was contributing to a worthwhile initiative. O’Donnell reiterated that Mecca Birkenhead would continue undertaking the fundraising efforts so that carers can receive the support that they desperately need.

According to him (O’Donnell), the number of carers in the UK has remained high, yet they do not access the support that they would require. “The sad reality is that three in five people will become carers in the UK at some point in their lives and with 7 million carers in the UK already, it is crucial that there is funding available to provide the support that they need,” he said.

Giles Mayer, the chief executive officer at Carers Trust, appreciated the efforts of Mecca Bingo and Grosvenor Casinos. “They have gone above and beyond once again, and we are delighted to continue our partnership,” Giles said.


Just recently, the UK announced a £2 maximum stake on various gaming and gambling machines all over the country. Spearheaded by Matthew Hancock, the project aimed at controlling the ever-increasing challenges associated with betting.

Gambling TaxIn fact, the government has developed proposals which can be used to reduce the maximum stakes on fixed odds, which a gamer can place at terminals. Some reports from the Department of Media, Culture, and Sport mentioned that no specific decision had been made by the state, but the £2 was close to implementation.

The FOBTS is a reliable source of revenue for book markers, including some of the very big names in the country. Some of these betting companies include Betfred, Paddy Power, Betfair and more. The campaigners say the FOBTs are the negative aspects of gaming and have called for action to be taken by the state. Most of them mentioning that it disproportionately targets individuals who are addicted to gambling. Just recently, the financial shares at William Hill dropped by an exceptional 15 percent

These betting superpowers are now left to consider new approaches for addressing the losses associated with such a huge limit on the gambling. Some have been quick to mention that such cuts are only aimed to reduce the exceptional growth potential of the gambling industry.

Financial officials at the department have been trying to gain perspectives on the maximum stake based on an exceptional 12 week consultation period. The expected deduction of finances come in the wake of recent financial challenges faced by several professionals who resist the crackdowns in many ways.

Other bookmakers have also raised concerns into the recent betting cuts, which they believe will lead to shop closures and various job losses. Plus, various financial reports have forecasted that the few coming months that companies such as Ladbrokes will have lost £447m in annual revenue. Such losses would not only affect the gambling industry, but it also reverberates across the entire financial industry of the UK.

Additionally, the state has also evaluated the effects of the £2 restriction on the companies in gambling, with predictions of in between £3.6bn and £8.7bn in losses over a decade. The UK government. Also mentioned that the FOBT stakes would be implemented to ensure a safe and sustainable environment for people to engage in gambling. Additionally, they are also searching for the exact limit level, with the £2 being a prospective limit to determine its suitability. The focus of any final decision should be to embrace measures that will help to reduce the detrimental losses associated with gambling

The £2 is considered by most a ban on FOBTS, and it would hundreds of thousands of people out of jobs. On top of that, it would also have serious ramifications for racing games such as the horse racing industry, which is mainly powered by finances from bookmakers. Betting shops are also seemingly trying to take the initiative by investing in innovative solutions to help identify those at risk. These individuals can then be assisted to address their unique gambling challenges.


The authority in the UK that oversees advertising matters has recently been put to task investigating claims and complaints regarding the number of betting ads that ran on mainstream media during the world cup tournament.

Sports BettingThe authority is looking into the matter to determine whether the newly set up rules and regulations meant to curb the gambling problem are being adhered to. The companies that are the primary target of these investigations are prominent betting companies such as Bet365, Coral and William Hill.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which is the authority that is responsible for handling and streamlining advertising matters over the course of the month-long world cup tournament received approximately 115 complaints from viewers regarding the number of gambling ads that were running during the event. This compared to the number of complaints received by the authority before the beginning of the world cup tournament is about four times more compared to the previous month. This became an issue that the oversight authority needed to take seriously and look in to.

The oversight authority, which is the ASA, received these complaints about the course of the tournament. The allegations were not all similar, but most of the complaints received were in regards to the number and the amount of air time the gambling ads were getting. Most of the viewers who sent out these complaints were unimpressed by the numerous advertisements that kept running during this time. Research by the authority has gone to show that the average viewer was exposed to approximately 90 minutes of gambling ads during the whole tournament.

The emphasis with which the gambling ads were being aired became an issue especially since the tournament did not only appeal to the adults but also to the younger generation. This means that more and more kids were watching the progress and the happenings in the world cup and by virtue, they were exposed to these gambling ads. This did not augur well with more of the adult and aware generation who felt the companies acted irresponsibly and failed to consider the children who might be exposed to the ads.

There was a whole other issue regarding these ads which involved the ads that were running on breaks trying to entice the viewers to bet with their improved odds for short periods. These ads were like a call to action buttons that featured “bet now” offers which generally attract people to take action to try and benefit from these offers.

These offers are seen as a way of calling on people to act on these offers since they usually are time sensitive and can only be utilized during a short span of time. Promoting of the time sensitivity of these improved odds is very much similar to the “bet in play, now” message which the standards of gambling advertising discourage in relation to being responsible and problem or addictive gambling.

The investigations are ongoing where the ASA is looking to determine whether or not the techniques that the betting companies utilized during this time were in breach of the UK advertising code. The Advertising Standards Authority is analyzing the complaints trying to see whether there are legal grounds to launch a formal investigation into the companies’ advertising tactics.

The oversight does not in any way regulate the number of ads that will air, and the tournament which is the World Cup is not considered as a program that specifically targets children as it does not appeal to them primarily. And because of this, the tournament is not regulated by the same rules that ban gambling companies from running ads during programs targeted or are likely to appeal to the young generation.

The oversight authority states that the promotion of unique odds during a particular game is not prohibited. The “in-play” odds as they are customarily referred to are not the problem, but the problem lies with some ads that create some urgency to place a bet which is deemed as inappropriate by the authority. These are the ads the authority will be cracking down on.

The UK only allows gambling ads to air during the 9 PM watersheds if the gambling companies are willing to advertise during live sporting events. Australia, earlier on this year, went ahead and put out a ban on all gambling ads during daytime sporting events.

The concern on this whole issue of gambling is for it being normalized. It’s supposed to be an adult activity, but as more young people grow up with the activity of gambling around them, there is the risk of them getting in too deep. As the betting companies continue to put an affiliation of sporting events with gambling, then the issue of gambling becoming a social problem is very much possible. The authority is trying to ensure this does not happen.


British TV network ITV has received major criticism over betting advertisements it aired during the recent 2018 World Cup. The network has been accused of bombarding viewers, including children, with countless gambling adverts.

World CupOf all the advertisements aired by ITV during the course of the tournament, it is reported that 17% of them were gambling related. It reveals that, of the eight and a half hours of advertisements aired during this period close to an hour and a half was taken up by betting adverts.

A total of 172 ads related to betting were shown, twice as many as those related to alcohol and four times as many as those related to fast-food brands. ITV’s World Cup coverage has greatly been criticized due to the fact that children and young people made up a significant percentage of the viewers during the tournament. Many are worried about the effects of exposing children to such an excessive amount of gambling content with some fearing that children will now normalize betting and associate it with football and sports in large.

Children are normally protected from such content by laws which restrict the airing of betting advertisements during the watershed period. Most of the World Cup games were shown on TV before 9 pm, falling well within the watershed period. They were, however, allowed to be aired because the law does not restrict advertising during live sporting events. Betting firms saw this as an opportunity to increase their already enormous profits and splurged on advertisement spots, with some paying close to £350,000 for a 30-second spot.

Betting firms encouraged viewers to place bets on ongoing and upcoming World Cup matches. Some even used celebrities to further entice viewers to engage in gambling activities. This led to an increase in bets placed as people who had never gambled suddenly felt the urge to do so. There was an upsurge in women gamblers, rising from 10% in the 2014 World Cup to 30% of all gamblers in this World Cup. It is evident that the exposure worked in the favor of bookmakers and gambling firms. There has been a call for stricter regulations moving forward.

The government has also come under fire for not doing enough to protect children from unnecessary exposure to gambling advertisements. These ads saturated the network during the tournament and the government chose to ignore the issue rather than tackle it head-on. The government, in turn, claims there is insufficient research available to warrant tighter regulations.

The negative effects of betting ads have been discussed heavily. Children and young people are frequently exposed to betting advertisements not only on television but also on social media and through video games. As a result, gambling has become normal and commonplace for them. An activity that was once reserved for adults is becoming increasingly popular among young people. This is a worrying trend as gambling is extremely addictive and detrimental, both financially and psychologically.

As suggested by the government, more research into the matter is indeed needed in order to expose the true and very real dangers of gambling. Gamble Aware, a charity organization focused on gambling addiction, is currently running a study on the effects of gambling advertisements that will help promote tighter regulations. The study, which is set to be completed in 2019, will also provide information that can be used to educate the youth on gambling and help create treatment plans for those with a gambling addiction.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has taken action by banning gambling sites and advertisements that are intended to target children. While this tough position is appreciated, the World Cup has revealed just how significant and wide-spread the gambling issue is.

Gamble Aware has reported that there are over 400,000 individuals in the UK alone struggling with a gambling problem. This number is only expected to rise if nothing is done as more children will be exposed to gambling ads and enticed to join the risky world of gambling.


Most casinos in the United Kingdom these days require payments to be remitted via the online payment options (e-Wallets). Several options of these kinds do exist. These range from Skrill to Neteller, and Skrill, among others.

However, none of these e-Wallets beats the PayPal. We have dedicated the article to the subject matter of Casino PayPal UK. We are basically going to examine the suitability of the payment platform to the task of processing such payments.

How Does PayPal UK work?

PayPal works by accepting deposits and reflecting the outstanding balance of the same in an individual’s private account. Each account is uniquely distinguished using an e-mail account. Other forms of unique identifiers are the various cards like Visa and MasterCard.

It basically facilitates the Casino PayPal UK remittances of funds via the online platform. It does so by accepting deposits, safeguarding the funds in an online escrow account, and remitting the same to third-party accounts. This is not to mention that it may also wire the amounts to various bank accounts for eventual withdrawal via the ATM.

PayPal Deposit and Withdrawal

Before you can use Casino PayPal UK to send money to a recipient, you first of all have to deposit money. PayPal greatly simplifies the means of so doing. It does not require you to log into your own PayPal account.

Instead, you have to go directly to the deposit section of the selected online casino. You then have to express your desire to deposit funds using PayPal as your preferred option. You will thereafter be directed to a PayPal pop up window to approve the transaction. The money is then instantly deposited in your casino’s account.

Potential Benefits of PayPal

Several benefits do come along with the use of these platforms. Chief of these is the utmost security that the online platform accords its subscribers. Indeed, the account has hardly reported any breach of trust or unauthorized access.

It is also pretty fast. This is because it remits the funds instantaneously with hardly any downtime and unnecessary delays. In light of this, the Casino PayPal UK is the best ever means of effecting online transactions.

The ease of use and applicability comes in next. The platform is indeed self-explanatory in that all the steps and procedures to be followed are clearly outlined. There is no chance of ever getting mixed up or lost in the process.

Lastly, it pairs and communicates seamlessly with several other payment platforms. These include the SWIT, individual bank accounts, money transfer facilities, card companies, and mobile payment platforms, among others. Because of this, users are guaranteed maximum conveniences while transferring their funds.

Suitability for the Role

Casino PayPal UK is by far the most suitable option for effecting payments to casinos. This stems from the fact that it is not at all limited in scope by virtue of online presence. The ease of getting started is yet another benefit. You do not have to have been active to use it. You may open an account and immediately remit your payment. Lastly, the option is increasingly being embraced by several casinos. With time, many will find their options limited and will thus inevitably use the platform for all their pays.

It is quite clear from the foregoing discussions that Casino PayPal UK is indeed the best of the best payment option. In light of this, real casino games pay with PayPal in the UK indeed! In case you are a gambling enthusiast, you, by all means, have to switch to the platform. The same case should apply if you are a proprietor of a casino.


There are many great reasons for new players to sign up online. The United Kingdom features several great casinos to explore. Casino online UK is sure to be a popular draw for people in the world. Members will enjoy a lot of great perks that everyone wants to follow in real time too.

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Make an initial deposit and learn some of the ground rules going forward. Casino Online UK is waiting to showcase their incredible new selection of games. The initial deposit will help people who want to make a change along the way. Casino Online UK is reportedly one of the most valuable service providers as is needed. That service will be a valuable commodity for future members. Casino Online UK works to fulfill obligations like no other in the world. That service is important for all the right reasons. Casino Online UK is proving to be important in time.


A survey was done in the UK, and the results showed that approximately 528,000 people are addicted to gambling. The result also stated that 80% of them end up having bad debts that eventually destroy their financial status.

GamblingOnce you get into betting it becomes tough for one to stop. It is for this reason that two challenger banks came up with a solution to this bad habit. They have come up with mobile apps that give the current account holders of these banks the option to block all the payments to any registered gambling operator.

This feature is meant to help the players who are trying to stop spending on gambling. Tony Franklin, a former gambling addict who is using the app to quit his bad habits, talked to The Daily Mail and he confessed how gambling had consumed most of his adult life. He continued to say that the bad habits had led to him losing his home plus his family two times. His life kept getting disorderly. His relationship with banks got worse. He said that the gambling life affected his entire life; family, friends, employment, financial state, housing and eventually his health.

Tony has interest in challenger banks market as a whole. He kept looking for a bank that would come up with ways that would help him control his spending habits, and his research led him to Starling bank. Franklin says that ever since he started using the feature, he has been able to withdraw from gambling. The element has prevented him from falling back to the bad habits as many players do. They quit, and after a week they fall back. He says the bank has played an essential role in trying to get his life back on track. He has been able to pay off some debts, but he still has others. He says he will pay them with time.

Tony Franklin believes the feature is the only way to get out of the ‘cauldron of chaos’ as he calls it. Before the banks came up with the feature, players were forced to go to the gambling operators and convince them to block themselves from receiving any payments from the player. Starling bank was the first to come up with the feature, and after a short while, Monzo followed. The two banks have accounts that are operated through a mobile app. Barclaycard also offers the blocking services to their credit card holders to enable them to block their credit card from making transactions to any registered gambling operator. This is done by talking to their customer care.

As long as the feature is switched on, any trial to make a payment to an authorized gambling operator will be rejected automatically. Monzo customers can block the payments by using the feature on the app or by contacting the customer care team through the chat feature. Starling clients can block the payments by using the feature and can unblock payments anytime using the feature also and immediately an alert will show up guiding them to seek help from National Gambling Helpline. For a person using Monzo account, they will need to talk to the customer care using the chat feature on the app to unblock the payments. On request, they will ask the person several questions and try to convince them to rethink. If the person gives the go-ahead after all these, it will take 48 hours for the payments to be unblocked.