The United Kingdom Gambling Commission has announced brand tough measures on betting for betting firms. These new rules have been necessitated by concerns over misleading advertisements that pertain to bonuses and promotions.

These new rules and regulations assure gamblers of better protection. They also empower the Gambling Commission to levy unlimited fines and fees for any breach of these rules or the associated consumer laws. Some of these possible breaches include but are not limited to misleading advertisements, those that tend to target small children, or those that make gambling appear great and normal.

Other than these, the gambling firms that send out spam marketing contents such as text messages and e-mails will also be in for trouble under the new rules. They will also be required to follow all the laid down United Kingdom advertising codes whilst putting in place a more robust conflict resolution mechanism for the gamblers.

The rules shall come into force on October 31st, 2018. The commission shall, after coming into effect of the rules, impose an eight-week window for the casino operators to resolve any complaints with their clients and customers.

These rules are expected to facilitate the process of resolving any breaches of the consumer laws. These include such aspects as unrealistic restrictions on the withdrawal process, misleading promotions, and impractical bonuses.

To help the consumers make the right purchasing decisions, websites like have sprouted. It reviews the various online casino operators on a regular basis and provides independent assessments of their competence from time to time.

While commenting on these developments, Neil McArthur, the Gambling Commission’s Chief Executive, had these to say:“The Gambling Commission is intent on cracking down on the firms that tend to treat consumers unfairly. This is because consumer protection is a topmost priority for us. It subsequently has to be a priority for the gambling operators as well. The changes we have instituted will surely protect consumers from unscrupulous and misleading advertisements and promotions. They will also see to it that the consumers can withdraw their earnings faster and easier. This is not to mention that the rules shall facilitate the resolution of consumer complaints.”

The founder of Justice for Punters, Brian Chappell, on the other hand, had these to say: “It is great to note that the Gambling Commission has finally acknowledged that gambling operators have to be subjected to stricter regulatory regimes. Only time will tell whether these new powers shall be used accordingly and if the gamblers shall be able to derive their rights promptly after a mistreatment. Even though the announcements incomprehensive, it is nonetheless highly welcome.”

Way back in 2016, while in partnership with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), the United Kingdom Gambling Commission established formal investigations to find out whether the online gambling companies were indeed mistreating their customers.

The findings of the investigations led the authority to launch enforcement actions against several gambling operators the following year. This was after the companies were accused of breaking the consumer laws with regards to the promotions.

From the foregoing, it is clear that the United Kingdom Gambling Commission greatly benefits casino operating sites. It does so mainly by instilling confidence in the potential gamblers and encourage them to gamble more. This certainly leads to an increase in the profit margins of the said firms.


Sun Bingo, an award-winning online bingo operator in the United Kingdom, announced that it has become the lead sponsor of ITV’s popular daytime programme – The Jeremy Kyle Show – starting 16th of July.

The Jeremy Kyle Show has been on the air since 2005, thus, making it a major asset for ITV’s daytime programming. On the other hand, Sun Bingo has a vision of being the leading entertainment provider. The coming together of ideas for the two firms, through the sponsorship, is expected to create memorable shows that will attract even more audiences.

Owing to its history and consistency for the past decade, The Jeremy Kyle Show is a must-watch for many people. Sun Bingo will be capitalizing on the popularity of the show to increase its revenue base and convert more audiences to loyal viewers.

Through the partnership, Sun Bingo has also indicated that it is seeking to spread the entertainment from the show to its followers. Starting the effective date of the partnership, Sun Bingo’s registered players will have an opportunity to participate in the fun by winning a chance of being part of the show’s audience. Through the initiative, Sun Bingo hopes to have more of its target customers convert to registered players. The sponsorship deal will see Sun Bingo provide indents for the morning program of the show. As the lead sponsor, Sun Bingo will have an opportunity to identify itself on-air and possibly grow its popularity.

Sun Bingo has appointed The & Partnership London, Pulse’s London sister agency as its marketing lead in the sponsorship deal. The & Partnership London will aid in the development of creative content, promotional messages, and directing. The deal will see Jayde Adams return to her role as Sun Bingo’s comedian. She will play the role of a bingo-mad character while sitting alongside her two best mates in the audience of the television show. The happenings on the stage will not be shown. Instead, the comedy will be the hilarious comments from the three with each of the titles riffing off bingo titles such as ‘Was She Worth It’ and ‘Stuck In A Tree.’

The deal will also see Sun Bingo provide support for video-on-demand promotional content. That way, Sun Bingo, and ITV hope to attract more firms to market their items.

Unlike other commercial promoters of The Jeremy Kyle Show, Sun Bingo’s deal includes managing of the show’s social media assets. Sun Bingo will have exclusive rights to the shows social media assets through which it seeks to build a connection between loyalty and brand recognition.

Sun Bingo is looking to popularize its latest campaigns. Speaking at the press conference on the sponsorship, Hannah Swales, head of Sun Bingo, said that the firm was excited to be partnering with ITV in a way that will see its growth. She said that Sun Bingo will be looking to build its ‘Are you Gonna Bingo?’ campaign by delivering engaging and funny messages to a “brand-new audience.” She described The Jeremy Kyle Show a mega daytime television show in the UK by stating that it has “over 3000 episodes to date.”

The & Partnership London has welcomed the sponsorship and hopes to offer unique content that will attract more viewers to the show. Speaking after the announcement of the sponsorship. Yan Elliott, the joint executive creative director at The & Partnership London, expressed joy that Jayde Adams was coming back to the studio for the ‘Are You Gonna Bingo?’ campaign. He expressed optimism that Adams would help the company create “genuinely funny and relatable characters.”

“The partnership with Jeremy Kyle is perfect for the brand, and we hope Jayde and her pals will keep audiences as entertained as the show does!” he said.