The popular Ladbrokes company is yet to face a 24- hour license suspension. On 3rd September 2018 Belgians, gaming commission issued a sanction to Ladbrokes over their blunt mistake of offering virtual chances games.

Virtual chances games are those lark games where customers put into hefty amounts of their finances to predict outcomes of some non-existent imaginary events. This kind of chance game was only entertained by law between 2012 to June of 2017. Afterward, it was banned and declared illegal by the countries law. In giving a blind eye to the ban, Ladbrokes further progressed to avail this kind of illegal services to their esteemed customers until the 14th of March, 2018.

The reports of the 24-hour license suspension were made on Wednesday by De Morgen dailies, Het Laatste Nieuws and La Derniere Heure. In effect to this sanction, the esteemed customers of Ladbrokes are compelled from making any online bet on that very day. In addition, its 300 agencies together with their vaguely projected 100 bookstores that are related to it and its digital operation will also face a 24-hour suspension on that same day.

As if this is not enough, its daughter companies, that is Derby SA and Tierce Ladbroke SA will also be immensely affected by this prevailing sanction.

In regard to the above, the gaming commision saw it wise to come up with a stringent sanction that will necessitate a 24-hour suspension of Ladbrokes online casino activities. This sanction is meant to punish Ladbrokes after realizing that they acted ignorantly to the law as they continued to carry out their virtual chance gaming activities despite them knowing that there was an existing ban compelling the activity from taking place in the country. Ignorance is paid with ignorance.

The I gambling business site, in addition, adds that the company had enjoyed a monopoly on virtual chance gaming activities in Belgium until the last day of June 2017. Throughout their time of monopoly, no other online casino site was granted the authority to offer the same virtual chance gaming services. The likes of Rocolus had possessed a number of challenges concerning this.

In addition, the company was found guilty by the commision over not having contested for facts of materiality on the same. request for publication clarification was not responded to by Ladbrokes betting company.

The gambling insider site has a lot to share concerning the 24-hour license suspension of Ladbrokes. It adds that the 24- hour sanction not only applies to Ladbrokes online casino company but also any other high profile street shop that is located in Belgium. Shifting our focus from this thud slap to Ladbrokes company, there is some recent better news for their branches located in Australia. Ladbrokes as a general has another reason to smile as their Australian branches are set to launch a brand new betting accumulator product. This will be as a result of them working hand in hand with suppliers Sportscast.


The United Kingdom has moved in to rein in on the gambling menace in the country. This is to make the activity and the industry more secure to the consumers. To achieve this aim, the commission has instituted a raft of stringent measures.

UK GamingThese include imposing an 8-week ultimatum for gambling companies that violate the stated rules to resolve any disputes. The gamblers will also be capable of withdrawing their outstanding balances much easier than they can at the moment.

Other than these regulations, the Gambling Commission shall also fine any betting firm that breaches the stated codes of conducts. These include deliberately targeting small children, exaggerating facts, furnishing half-truths to the potential consumers, and making gambling look less critical than it truly is.

All these new regulations shall begin operational officially from the 31st October 2018. The gambling operators shall further witness more proactive measures governing the failures of any advertisements by third parties and for bombarding consumers with unsolicited messages.

These crackdowns follow an open consultative forum that brought together the Gambling Commission and the Competitions and Markets Authority. This joint consultative forum was put in place to come up with a methodology that will see to it that the gamblers receive fair, safer, and more transparent treatments from the gambling businesses.

This was put in place way back in 2016 and completed its mandate in June in 2017. As soon as the committee came up with its findings, it started cracking down on errant gambling operators. These are those that were suspected to have violated the gambling advertising policies.

Neil McArthur, the Chief Executive Officer of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, argues that protecting the interests of consumers is a sacred goal that has to be achieved at all costs. He further insists that the gambling operators have also to follow suit to see this become a reality.

He also held the view that the new alterations in the regulatory framework are designed to enhance the security and protection of the customers. These are mainly from misleading promos to irresponsible advertising campaigns that many a dishonest operator utilize.

Shortly thereafter, a number of gambling companies came out to state their stand on the new regulations. William Hill, PT Entertainment, Ladbrokes, and BGO Entertainment issued their stands at various times. They were unanimous in stating that they shall alter their bonus regimes and regulations to make them as realistic as possible. This is to forestall the likelihoods of misleading clients.

These issues it is hoped shall quell the discontent that has arisen from the British public. Most have complained of the high number of adverts that bombard the airwaves and the cyberspace. Other than these, most local Members of Parliament have also expressed dissatisfaction with the increased rates of gambling in the nation.

According to this group, gambling addiction is a disease, just like any other. It is thus to be treated as a public health issue. The gambling operators thus, according to them, ought to be slapped with stern restrictions on the manner in which they present gambling to the masses and potential consumers.


Just recently, the UK announced a £2 maximum stake on various gaming and gambling machines all over the country. Spearheaded by Matthew Hancock, the project aimed at controlling the ever-increasing challenges associated with betting.

Gambling TaxIn fact, the government has developed proposals which can be used to reduce the maximum stakes on fixed odds, which a gamer can place at terminals. Some reports from the Department of Media, Culture, and Sport mentioned that no specific decision had been made by the state, but the £2 was close to implementation.

The FOBTS is a reliable source of revenue for book markers, including some of the very big names in the country. Some of these betting companies include Betfred, Paddy Power, Betfair and more. The campaigners say the FOBTs are the negative aspects of gaming and have called for action to be taken by the state. Most of them mentioning that it disproportionately targets individuals who are addicted to gambling. Just recently, the financial shares at William Hill dropped by an exceptional 15 percent

These betting superpowers are now left to consider new approaches for addressing the losses associated with such a huge limit on the gambling. Some have been quick to mention that such cuts are only aimed to reduce the exceptional growth potential of the gambling industry.

Financial officials at the department have been trying to gain perspectives on the maximum stake based on an exceptional 12 week consultation period. The expected deduction of finances come in the wake of recent financial challenges faced by several professionals who resist the crackdowns in many ways.

Other bookmakers have also raised concerns into the recent betting cuts, which they believe will lead to shop closures and various job losses. Plus, various financial reports have forecasted that the few coming months that companies such as Ladbrokes will have lost £447m in annual revenue. Such losses would not only affect the gambling industry, but it also reverberates across the entire financial industry of the UK.

Additionally, the state has also evaluated the effects of the £2 restriction on the companies in gambling, with predictions of in between £3.6bn and £8.7bn in losses over a decade. The UK government. Also mentioned that the FOBT stakes would be implemented to ensure a safe and sustainable environment for people to engage in gambling. Additionally, they are also searching for the exact limit level, with the £2 being a prospective limit to determine its suitability. The focus of any final decision should be to embrace measures that will help to reduce the detrimental losses associated with gambling

The £2 is considered by most a ban on FOBTS, and it would hundreds of thousands of people out of jobs. On top of that, it would also have serious ramifications for racing games such as the horse racing industry, which is mainly powered by finances from bookmakers. Betting shops are also seemingly trying to take the initiative by investing in innovative solutions to help identify those at risk. These individuals can then be assisted to address their unique gambling challenges.


The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has revealed that Ladbrokes misguided them at the period during which the investigations into the Black Dave case were ongoing.  The puzzle concluded yesterday after a statement was released warning bookmakers to be careful when dealing with Rule 4 deductions in horse racing.

LadbrokesLast year, David Evans was handed a fine by the ruling body that monitors the local racing environment for delays in releasing notifications of the non-runner, Tango Sky. The investigations found that this was a chance for him back Black Dave who was also a new entrant before the odds of Tango Sky were removed. During the time of placing his bet, Evans also told Ladbrokes that he intended to withdraw from Tango Sky if not for the change that happened shortly after he placed his bet.

Ladbrokes claimed that they were not sure what exactly had led to the reduction of Tango Sky’s odds soon after David Evans placed his bet as that the event took place about three years ago. The UK gambling regulatory body, however, managed to dig out evidence which proved that the bookmaker had made that action to increase the deductions that would be made from bets that won that had already been placed as stated in Rule 4. The commission showed that Ladbrokes had not been successful in reviewing the information that was available to them before providing inaccurate explanations as a watchdog that directly deals with the clients.

The Commission further indicated that the gambling operators must consider that the series of events that occurred in the Black Dave case as well as the Ladbrokes’ actions was a reminder that the relevance of the industry, in the long run, was dependent on customer trust. The commission further expressed that they would proceed to monitor the issue ad if required, would use its formal regulatory powers to punish the bookmaker that has been found in breach as well as the industry in general.

Ladbrokes was lucky to evade punishment even after they were found in breach of the terms discussed earlier. This was because their actions were not under the category of conditions that violated the license or the code of conduct that has been set by the UK Gambling Commission in relation to the terms of the application of Rule 4.

Moreover, Ladbrokes, which is a British Bookmaker, was credited with bringing the case before the local racing regulatory body on the day the race took place. During the period of the investigations being conducted, it turned out that the bookmaker saved a total of £7.70 only by cutting the price of Tango Sky which ultimately did not make any significant difference in its profits.

Ladbrokes released a statement on the issue saying that the company had initially interpreted the series of events that led to the price change incorrectly as the time it took place, but this had only become clear after the case was reviewed adequately. Moreover, the company also pointed out that as a matter of fact, the reduction of Tango Sky’s odds was in contravention of its trading policy at the time and showed that its trades had been signaled about it.

Following this case, the UK Gambling Commission has issued further information on how Rule 4 should be applied going forward. The UK Gambling Commission has been keen on monitoring the activities of bookmakers and has indicated that they will not relent on their quest to ensure that there is a fair playing ground for both gamblers and bookmakers.