Chief executive Producer of the giant Paddy Power Betfair betting firm Peter Jackson claims that the firm’s winning streak is back after a well-done performance of the world cup despite facing harsh challenges in the U.S and Australia markets.

Most of their investors got disappointed after they missed to meet their 9.9% expectations on their returns growth. The half-year returns on revenues reached 5% of which it cuts down the full year earnings to approximately £470m from the expected value of £482.5m. Despite the lagging in returns growth, the company had gross profits of 4pc higher at £106m for the past six months before the world cup. The CEO defended the firm against the negative performance indicated in the stock share markets arguing that the changes were as a result of a change in tax regime imposed by the Australian government to sport gambling firms as well as mixed reactions about whether U.S Supreme courts will legitimize sports gambling casinos.

The company management, therefore, decided to beef up on their marketing strategies to ensure they boost their market share prices. They agreed on a World Cup campaign that was meant to pledge donations of £10,000 for each goal scored by the Russian team in the entire tournament which was to go to an LGBT charity. Thanks to their world cup strategy it worked perfectly well and boosted their profit margin to give back glory to the company’s reputation. During the world cup, the company netted more than £22m as revenues that comes with a £8m in profit.

It was in 2009 when Betfair owned TVG, the largest U.S. horse racing firm with members in more than thirty-five states as well as broadcasting TV channel viewed in more than 45 million homes. Paddy Power which later merged terms with Betfair owns an online gambling casino, and they are still they are the biggest horse racing bookmakers in New Jersey. In 2017 they also owned a daily fantasy sports (DFS) company. Recently in June they also took over FanDuel (a U.S fantasy game site) after paying the firm $770m.

Despite deploying the key strategies in sports gambling, with all these sister companies to Paddy Power Betfair earns about $2 billion annually from the U.S casino gambling markets. According to revenues earned from other countries, this value seems that Paddy Power Betfair is not maximizing on these U.S markets. It is an undeniable fact that the U.S has a higher population of people interested in sports. After its merger with FanDuel and a contractual agreement with Boyd Gaming(another major online sports gambling casino company), the betting company is promising it’s investors to expect positive growth in the emerging U.S sports wagering market.

As of now, there are high hopes emerged after the U.S Supreme Court in May declared the legalization of sports betting and casino operations and should still pose reasonable taxes for the sports betting sites. The U.S CEO Kip Levin urges that they are already doing markets for all U.S. sports because it’s growing in popularity, especially in Australia. At the same time, they are ensuring their betting offers are more tailored to the U.S market. He also added that if more taxes are imposed on them, there may not be any probability of having promising rewards as well as it will remain a big challenge to eradicate illegal markets. Additionally, he suggested it could be better if all states in the U.S will have a constant rate so as to enable them to offer the same bets countrywide. Ed Monk who is an associate director at Fidelity personal Investing said “before the World Cup the bookmaker share value was up at almost 9% and therefore Paddy Power Betfair stands to gain from the opening up of US betting markets, confirmed earlier this year, and has moved quickly to expand its FanDuel site to capitalise. That benefit, though, now appears to be priced into the shares and investors will want to see the improved operational performance and a return to growing market share from here.”

The company has an optimistic approach to their strategies in increasing market share in the U.S markets. The management is focusing on brand recognition, market accessibility and operational capabilities and substantial investments to increase their customer base across the U.S wagering market. A strong coverage by their very own racing channel TVG will be their key advantage in increasing their customer base and brand recognition.


Just recently, the UK announced a £2 maximum stake on various gaming and gambling machines all over the country. Spearheaded by Matthew Hancock, the project aimed at controlling the ever-increasing challenges associated with betting.

Gambling TaxIn fact, the government has developed proposals which can be used to reduce the maximum stakes on fixed odds, which a gamer can place at terminals. Some reports from the Department of Media, Culture, and Sport mentioned that no specific decision had been made by the state, but the £2 was close to implementation.

The FOBTS is a reliable source of revenue for book markers, including some of the very big names in the country. Some of these betting companies include Betfred, Paddy Power, Betfair and more. The campaigners say the FOBTs are the negative aspects of gaming and have called for action to be taken by the state. Most of them mentioning that it disproportionately targets individuals who are addicted to gambling. Just recently, the financial shares at William Hill dropped by an exceptional 15 percent

These betting superpowers are now left to consider new approaches for addressing the losses associated with such a huge limit on the gambling. Some have been quick to mention that such cuts are only aimed to reduce the exceptional growth potential of the gambling industry.

Financial officials at the department have been trying to gain perspectives on the maximum stake based on an exceptional 12 week consultation period. The expected deduction of finances come in the wake of recent financial challenges faced by several professionals who resist the crackdowns in many ways.

Other bookmakers have also raised concerns into the recent betting cuts, which they believe will lead to shop closures and various job losses. Plus, various financial reports have forecasted that the few coming months that companies such as Ladbrokes will have lost £447m in annual revenue. Such losses would not only affect the gambling industry, but it also reverberates across the entire financial industry of the UK.

Additionally, the state has also evaluated the effects of the £2 restriction on the companies in gambling, with predictions of in between £3.6bn and £8.7bn in losses over a decade. The UK government. Also mentioned that the FOBT stakes would be implemented to ensure a safe and sustainable environment for people to engage in gambling. Additionally, they are also searching for the exact limit level, with the £2 being a prospective limit to determine its suitability. The focus of any final decision should be to embrace measures that will help to reduce the detrimental losses associated with gambling

The £2 is considered by most a ban on FOBTS, and it would hundreds of thousands of people out of jobs. On top of that, it would also have serious ramifications for racing games such as the horse racing industry, which is mainly powered by finances from bookmakers. Betting shops are also seemingly trying to take the initiative by investing in innovative solutions to help identify those at risk. These individuals can then be assisted to address their unique gambling challenges.


Sports gaming is one of the industries that many prominent investors are eyeing. Banach technology is one of the newly established businesses in this industry. The company so far is running in Sandyford, Dublin, Ireland. It was founded in 2015 and has worked with some of the top companies in the industry. The company is headed by Mark Hughes who is the current CEO. The company was able to raise 2.55 million from seed funding.

Paddy PowerThe company reported that the round was in a significant way oversubscribed. Some great backers made the decision of investing in the company including; David power and Stewart Kenny the Co-founders of paddy power. They are believed to have spent 232,738 and 116,369 each respectively. Other people from the paddy power that invested in the company include Patrick Kennedy who was the chief executive, Cormac McCarthy the former chief financial officer and Cormac Barry the former head of the Australian division.

The company plans to use the raised money to expand its investments by the end of 2018. The primary areas they are focusing on are the traditional four major US league sports. Also as reported by Mark Hughes, the company’s chief executive, they will also work on strengthening their labor team. They will add more mathematicians and software expertise plus other expertise to help accomplish the mission of launching new products for baseball, American football, tennis, basketball and ice hockey in a few coming months. At the moment the company has football product only and want to build products on other sports and as well start venturing into risk management.

The company offers clients with products that facilitate greater customer engagement, pricing and customer experience system to gambling companies like GVC Holdings and BWin. It has technology that can revolutionize and automate one game in multiples process. The technology also can simplify the complex multi-betting market for the B2C clients. Currently, Banach technology is working with Ladbrokes Coral on in-game betting technology for matches at the World Cup, pictured.

The products from this company help the clients achieve an excellent customer engagement and at the same time improve the customer’s experience. Some of the prominent clients of BT include; Bet Bright, GVC Holdings and Paddy Power Betfair (which provides for; Sportsbet, Betfair and Paddy Power brands).

The company was started by Reck; Mark Hughes is the current CEO, LAEX Zevenbergen is the chief technology officer, and Hadrien Lepretre is the head of operations. These four has served in Paddy Power before. Reck was serving as the head of Quants and was later appointed to be a principal analyst in one of the sports betting companies in Ireland. After his appointment in the company, he was replaced by Hughes. Zevenbergen was the chief software engineer of Paddy Power from 2008 to 2015. Lepretre was the head of quantitative logistics from 2014 to 2015. The four decided to collaborate and work on BT in 2015. They are also people with experience the primary reason behind the big success.

The company has 12 employees but is hoping to increase them to 30 by the end of 2018. The similar rate of increase is also expected to be witnessed in 2019. The company having big names on the list of investors has made it more credible. As reported by Hughes the company is unique in the sense that some of the work they have done together before and this is the reason behind them building platforms quickly. With no doubt, the company is growing at a very high rate, and if it continues at the same pace, it will outdo many companies in the industry.

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