Chief executive Producer of the giant Paddy Power Betfair betting firm Peter Jackson claims that the firm’s winning streak is back after a well-done performance of the world cup despite facing harsh challenges in the U.S and Australia markets.

Most of their investors got disappointed after they missed to meet their 9.9% expectations on their returns growth. The half-year returns on revenues reached 5% of which it cuts down the full year earnings to approximately £470m from the expected value of £482.5m. Despite the lagging in returns growth, the company had gross profits of 4pc higher at £106m for the past six months before the world cup. The CEO defended the firm against the negative performance indicated in the stock share markets arguing that the changes were as a result of a change in tax regime imposed by the Australian government to sport gambling firms as well as mixed reactions about whether U.S Supreme courts will legitimize sports gambling casinos.

The company management, therefore, decided to beef up on their marketing strategies to ensure they boost their market share prices. They agreed on a World Cup campaign that was meant to pledge donations of £10,000 for each goal scored by the Russian team in the entire tournament which was to go to an LGBT charity. Thanks to their world cup strategy it worked perfectly well and boosted their profit margin to give back glory to the company’s reputation. During the world cup, the company netted more than £22m as revenues that comes with a £8m in profit.

It was in 2009 when Betfair owned TVG, the largest U.S. horse racing firm with members in more than thirty-five states as well as broadcasting TV channel viewed in more than 45 million homes. Paddy Power which later merged terms with Betfair owns an online gambling casino, and they are still they are the biggest horse racing bookmakers in New Jersey. In 2017 they also owned a daily fantasy sports (DFS) company. Recently in June they also took over FanDuel (a U.S fantasy game site) after paying the firm $770m.

Despite deploying the key strategies in sports gambling, with all these sister companies to Paddy Power Betfair earns about $2 billion annually from the U.S casino gambling markets. According to revenues earned from other countries, this value seems that Paddy Power Betfair is not maximizing on these U.S markets. It is an undeniable fact that the U.S has a higher population of people interested in sports. After its merger with FanDuel and a contractual agreement with Boyd Gaming(another major online sports gambling casino company), the betting company is promising it’s investors to expect positive growth in the emerging U.S sports wagering market.

As of now, there are high hopes emerged after the U.S Supreme Court in May declared the legalization of sports betting and casino operations and should still pose reasonable taxes for the sports betting sites. The U.S CEO Kip Levin urges that they are already doing markets for all U.S. sports because it’s growing in popularity, especially in Australia. At the same time, they are ensuring their betting offers are more tailored to the U.S market. He also added that if more taxes are imposed on them, there may not be any probability of having promising rewards as well as it will remain a big challenge to eradicate illegal markets. Additionally, he suggested it could be better if all states in the U.S will have a constant rate so as to enable them to offer the same bets countrywide. Ed Monk who is an associate director at Fidelity personal Investing said “before the World Cup the bookmaker share value was up at almost 9% and therefore Paddy Power Betfair stands to gain from the opening up of US betting markets, confirmed earlier this year, and has moved quickly to expand its FanDuel site to capitalise. That benefit, though, now appears to be priced into the shares and investors will want to see the improved operational performance and a return to growing market share from here.”

The company has an optimistic approach to their strategies in increasing market share in the U.S markets. The management is focusing on brand recognition, market accessibility and operational capabilities and substantial investments to increase their customer base across the U.S wagering market. A strong coverage by their very own racing channel TVG will be their key advantage in increasing their customer base and brand recognition.


The international gaming producer, Wazdan, has established a base in the United Kingdom. It has brought along two online casinos, namely the SlotsMillion and LadyLucks. It has subsequently availed these two games to the UK audience via the desktop and the mobile platforms.

SlotsMillion is a global leader in 3D virtual reality online games. It has a collection of around 2,000 games and is thus very comprehensive in scope. From the time the game went online until now, the online casino has gained recognition as a ‘Best Casino’ and ‘Innovation Operator.’

This recognition has originated mainly from reputable gambling affiliates worldwide. Most of the new games that Wazdan offers derive their power from an innovative suite of value-added tools. Perhaps the most outstanding of these tools are the revolutionary volatility levels. Other than this the double screen and energy-saving modes, as well as the unique gambling features, are some of the other topnotch features to watch.

They are designed and intended to provide operators with the capability of enhancing the experiences of customers. These brand new features also enhance the engagement of the users, bolster their retention, encourage the extensions of plays, as well as generating higher yields.

Other than the Ladyluck and the SlotsMillion, the company also provides several new and exciting alternative games. These include but not limited to Fruit Mania Deluxe, Highway to Hell Deluxe, Corrida Romance Deluxe, Spectrum Fruits Go Bananas, and Magic Stars 3.

Going forward, Wazdan also intends to provide the thrilling Mayan Ritual game. The game basically entails a walk through the glorious past of the Mayan civilization. Through the game, players are able to relive Maya’s past as if it were happening at the moment.
While commissioning the launch, the co-founder of SlotsMillion, one Mr. Alexandre Tomic, had these to say:
“By acquiring Ladylucks, we have managed to grow the number of game suppliers by a whopping four-fold. We have subsequently made it possible for gaming enthusiasts to play and enjoy these games via mobile and desktops. This is not to mention the free spins which we entitle our first-time players too. We are indeed glad to provide both the Ladylucks and the SlotsMillion.”

With these latest developments in mind, Wazdan has grown to be a leading gaming library. It is now home to well over 100 HTML 5.0 slots. The company has also signed several hot deals with the leading online casinos in the gaming industry such as the VideoSlots. This is set to avail the latest gaming options to most casino operators throughout the United Kingdom.

Also commenting on these great moves, Andrzej Hyla, the Head of Sales at Wazdan, had these to say:
“The field of online gambling is constantly changing and reinventing itself. More and more operators are moving to the online platform as the basis on which to target gaming enthusiasts. Those marketing trends seem to play to our advantage. We are also seeking to work in the UK market with other forward-thinking partners. These also happen to be the most innovative and resourceful in the gaming industry.”


Birkenhead Mecca Bingo team is celebrating the raising of a record £2 million for Carers Trust challenge. They have been undertaking activities nationwide to fund raise as much money as they would.

MeccaRank Group which owns Mecca Bingo and Grosvenor Casinos signed a partnership agreement with Carers Trust in February 2014. The deal is to help raise funds to support Carers Trust activities. The trust works with carers from across the UK with the aim of improving their lives, facilitating their working, and cushioning them from likely negative effects that as depression.

Mecca Bingo’s efforts are geared towards raising money that will help address the barriers carers face. Since the signing of the partnership, staff a Rank Group have traveled to different parts of the country where they have been involved in fund-raising activities. The agreement gave employees the liberty to implement any activity that they deemed would improve their fundraising efforts.

According to John O’Reilly, the chief executive officer at Rank Group, Carers Trust is highly esteemed by a majority of his firm’s employees, and that explains their dedication to the fundraising initiative. He argued that Rank Group would not have achieved the milestone without the effort of the staff and the community members from across the country. He thanked them for the effort they had made and expressed satisfaction with the charity initiative.

The money collected through the fundraising activities is placed under the Rank Cares Grant Funds before being distributed to Carers Trust initiatives. It is directed into providing financial support to carers who are sixteen years and above.

As the company celebrated the milestone, it was proud that the money that has already been raised have been used for a worthy course. Since the signing of the partnership in 2014, money raised by Rank Group has helped more than 9000 carers in the country. Through the help, beneficiaries have accessed breaks, essential equipment, and learning opportunities.

In support of the efforts that employees were making in the fundraising initiative, the management of Mecca Bingo joined a final challenge that was aimed at raising more resources. The challenge was termed as ‘the bushtucker trial’ and entailed eating unusual foods such as critter cocktails and mealworms. The uniqueness of the challenge attracted a large number of people and took the fundraising efforts a notch higher.

Through it, the £2 million milestones became a success. While commenting on the achievement, Terry O’Donnell, the General Manager at Mecca Birkenhead thanked the staff and customers for the support they offered. He expressed satisfaction that the firm was contributing to a worthwhile initiative. O’Donnell reiterated that Mecca Birkenhead would continue undertaking the fundraising efforts so that carers can receive the support that they desperately need.

According to him (O’Donnell), the number of carers in the UK has remained high, yet they do not access the support that they would require. “The sad reality is that three in five people will become carers in the UK at some point in their lives and with 7 million carers in the UK already, it is crucial that there is funding available to provide the support that they need,” he said.

Giles Mayer, the chief executive officer at Carers Trust, appreciated the efforts of Mecca Bingo and Grosvenor Casinos. “They have gone above and beyond once again, and we are delighted to continue our partnership,” Giles said.


The award-winning online instant win games supplier, IWG, has delivered their full portfolio to the largest bingo sportsbook in the United Kingdom, Sky Bingo, as part of their expansion of its commercial operators.

For the first time, the games will be accessible on the Sky Bingo site as part of the agreement. IWG games, Cash Buster, are now live on the bingo site as a result of integration with IWG’s progressive play RGS. According to Robert Proctor, who is the content and commercial manager at Sky Betting and Gaming, it was a natural choice to partner with the leading supplier in the instant win game space. He added that the firm had been impressed with the standard of games which comes with an easy integration through progressive play. He also promised that their clients would enjoy IWG classics, including Cash Buster series on a daily basis.


The CEO at IWG, Rhydian Fisher said that they were thrilled to provide the UK’s largest bingo sportsbook with the quality portfolio of games. He added that the latest agreement was an indication of the growing demand for instant win games as well as their dedicated services. The agreement, however, does not cause any changes in the quality of services provided by the firm; it instead is a boost to the variety of services offered by IWG ensuring that the lovers of online instant win games through the UK enjoy their services following a seamless integration with the progressive play RGS network.


For the past 15 years, IWG has been providing its clients, lotteries, with instant win services which are online; this has led to the production of over two hundred and fifty high-quality instant win games. In 2017, the firm won a B2B award as the supplier of the year for an online lottery.