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Terms & Conditions apply. 18+

Playing blackjack is a game of probability and strategy. The dealer shuffles the cards. The basic idea of the game is to choose anywhere between 4-8 cards totaling the number 21 without going over. In order to increase your chances of winning you must learn how to count cards (each card is worth a certain amount of points) and their placement. For example, if the dealer deals an A or Ace in the first two cards they are counted as one point; after that, they are worth 11 points. Kings, queens, and jacks are worth 10 and the number cards are face value. As mentioned . If you surpass the number 21 then it is considered a bust and the dealer wins. If you stay or stop below 21; the dealer has to beat that score without going over 21. If the dealer busts then you win. If you are good with counting cards and probability blackjack is the perfect casino table game of choice for you.If you are a beginner to blackjack and you are looking for a great place to start playing, the Play Cosmo Blackjack is an excellent place to start.  


Play Cosmo Blackjack has a wide variety of both classic and contemporary games. They carry many different variations of classics such as roulette and of course blackjack. Play Cosmo definitely caters to everyone when it comes to blackjack.

Ease of Navigation

If you want to play live or on the go, Play Cosmo Blackjack caters to both audiences. One of the biggest positive aspects to both characteristics is the ease of navigation between games. With live casino the classic variation of blackjack is available to you through a separate tab. For mobile players, the site is equally effective on your cell phone or tablet as it is on the desktop.

Methods of Payment

At this time the site only accepts Visa and MasterCard as methods of payment. Sure, it might be an inconvenience to some people; but assuming that it is a relatively new site. 

Promotional Offers 

Play Cosmo Blackjack is currently offering its new members with the option of 40 free spins or a welcome bonus of 100% when you sign up with this casino. For example, if your first deposit is £100 you will have a total of £200. You may apply these bonuses to any other game on the site. Just simply use the code WELCOME100 on your first deposit and you can start playing and winning. Terms and conditions do apply.  Offers cash back bonuses of 100% or new members and offers regular promotions.

Probability and strategy

Probability and strategy are the key aspects to any successful blackjack player. Whether you are on the go or in the comfort of your own home Play Cosmo Blackjack is there for you when you want to add a little excitement to your day.

Terms & Conditions apply. 18+

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